NATO has crucial role in managing 21st century challenges, threats

​Transatlantic relations, the security situation in the Black Sea area and the impact of recent developments over the region and the overall Euro-Atlantic security were part of the topics tackled by Secretary of State for bilateral and strategic relations in the Euro-Atlantic space with Romania's Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) George Ciamba at a conference of the Aspen European Strategy Group (ASG) in Washington.

According to a MAE press statement on Wednesday, the discussion focused on the latest developments in and prospects for the transatlantic relations, amidst recent developments in the world.

The debates started with an international conference called "The US and Europe in the age of uncertainty," during which the discussions focused on assessing the contemporary global environment, with an emphasis on the geopolitical, economic, defence, energy and security dimensions.

The event continued with a debate called "For a new Transatlantic compact: values, interests, policies," chaired by Executive Director of Aspen Institute in Berlin Rudiger Lentz, where topics such as the perspective of the institutional transatlantic system and the Russian Federation's actions were discussed, as well as challenges to the Mediterranean and Middle East areas and the US-EU relations. Secretary of State George Ciamba was speaker of the session.

The last day of debates was dedicated to the "Current Status and What's Next" topic, based on the assessment and anticipation of relevant elements from the transatlantic, economic and security perspective. The event included a roundtable conference and a session of debates, where Ciamba delivered speeches along with representatives of the Aspen Institute in Washington, Rome, Prague, Bucharest, as well as representatives of the Trans-Atlantic Business Council Washington, Atlantic Council Washington, German Council on Foreign Relations - Berlin and the Center for National Security Strategies, Hudson Institute, Washington DC.

According to MAE, at the least session Ciamba talked about the importance of the transatlantic relationship in the current international context, underscoring also the crucial role of the NATO in managing challenges and threats of the 21st century, based on allied solidarity principles and fair sharing of responsibilities, and highlighted Romania's concrete contributions and role in ensuring the Euro-Atlantic security, as well as its efforts to project stability and support partner states.

Furthermore, the Romanian official mentioned the security situation in the Black Sea area and the impact of recent developments over the region and the entire Euro-Atlantic security.

In this context, Ciamba mentioned Romania's economic potential as an intrinsic part of a stable and prosper Euro-Atlantic space, also pointing to solidarity under the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the US.

The conference was organised by the Aspen Institute through the Aspen Initiative for Europe, the Aspen Strategy Group and the Aspen Institute Italy, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Washington, the Trans-Atlantic Business Council and the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Source: Romanian National News Agency AGERPRES


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